The ◬ Brotherhood ◬ is structured on the highest humanitarian and liberal values that have been developed through ancient Greek philosophy, Roman law, and freemasonry.

The meetings comprise a methodical research and study of the philosophy of the science and politics religion and are aimed at improving man and society based on the core values of the Brotherhood. The proposal of the ◬ Brotherhood ◬ is a creative synthesis of speech of will and virtue.

The use of dialogue is intended to demonstrate and teach that knowledge is acquired through communication - the communication of the person with himself - the person with other persons, the communication of the person with the world. Finally, the fundamental principle is the freedom of choice and expression, which is the fundamental principle of our democracy.

• Thinking and questioning are virtues
• Religious liberty instead of dogmatism
• Man was immature because he was uneducated
• Aristocrats and Rulers should not monopolise social, political, economic and artistic life
• The "good" and the "reasonable" are equal
• Freedom instead of absolutism, equality instead of class discriminations, science instead of superstitions and prejudices
• Wisdom and intelligence are virtues
• Democracy is the ideal constitution
• All people were born and remain equal and free

The Grand Master.