Under the Aegis of the G.A.B.L. the following Illuminati Colleges are in operation :

Greece / Athens : "Helios" , "Giordano Bruno"
Greece / Corfu : "Ioannis Kapodistrias"
Greece / Thessaloniki : "Denis Diderot"
Greece / Thessalia : "Georgios Olympios"
Greece / Ioannina : "Lorentzos Mavilis" (will operate soon)
Cyprus : "Nikolaus Copernicus"
Lebanon : "Gibran"
Ucraine "Vasyl Stus"
Romania : Mircea Eliade", "Henri Coanda"
North Macedonia : "Sophia"
Bulgaria : "Asparuh"
Congo : "Nelson Mandela"
Sweden : "Alfred Nobel"
Albania : "Karl Gega"

All Colleges of Illuminati work under the name of the Great Architect of Heaven and Earth (and not of the Universe). The term with which God is referred to, when this is to be happened in public, is EL SANTAI (El=God, Santai=Almighty), to declare the foundation of the order of the Illuminati. It is linked inextricable with the element of the Air (intermediary material of the tangible world and filling the visible field between Heaven and Earth) and with the Spirit (Ruach) which acts, in a sense, according to the Scripts at first and initially phase on the Waters of the “first density”. The Air and more specifically in it’s “magically” function of the “Breath” beyond the direct link with the Jewish term, which is analysed in the Annex, consists in different “situations-functions” the mean with which is fulfilled the procedure (ceremony of the Air in the Holy of Holies, correspondence transmutation in the devotional, healing and meditational exercise with the known anagram ASANA, invocatory mean at the beginning of the service the incense, sacrifices e.t.c) and of course is the mean through which the (Orthos Logos=rational thought) on which we act in our assemblies is “transmitted” and fulfilled the outcome of our work, inside the Temple. Cabalistic is connected with the sephira Yesod, immediate relevant with first but mainly also with the second one and basically the creation that we interest in, in the new Human we are called the build (see allegory of the “class of second Temple”, Solomon, and of Hiram of Tyre…e.t.c.) 9th in the row sephira respectively of the 9th and last degree of the Order, degree of 3rd Trinity, consept of the “Beginning of the New Life”.

All works are made “under the scepter” of the A’ Grand Master. The order is being governed by granting the title by the rank of excellence, to the A’ Grand Master, Most Wise as an allegory, and Just, like the judgment of king Solomon, who appears in many correspondence and allegories in the myths, in the entirety of the Masonic Chambers and in almost all the degrees, runs by a given order, a special Karta and a life service. Fact that on the one hand is not under dispute and on the other hand would not be acceptable, because of the correspondence of the Solomon’s myth. The King’s rank and especially of this specific, does not accommodate dispute not typical, but because he works in harmony and absolute symphony with the choice of the “assignment of the responsibility” of above (rank of the Kingly assignment official) and as a proof of this, he bears a 12 knot scepter, crowned during the climax and complete ignition, through which the bearer has select it because of excellence and by definition (A’ Grand Master) the procedure of ignition the “fleshless time” (reference to the workable time) during which the dead human nature (which is being symbolized with the skull on the alter) is rendered “hopefully active” (through the shine of the eyes) and through the Eternal Virgin and undivided Wisdom (Owl) as the “dissected” by the judgment trial of the worn mask, which is being sacrificed in front of the Altar (Sword – Old Human, Selfish gene), so that a new human in being made (material part of the functional field) which is about to begin works, inside a specific place, (Active through transmittal” of the above 12-Knot starry energy and within the boundaries of the created world (between Heaven and Earth) field where by definition comes to act. The A’ Grand Master symbolizes the Solomon King of Israel, the B’ Grand Master symbolizes the King Hiram of Tyre, and the Grand Chancellor and Treasurer symbolizes the Hiram Abif, the architect of Temple Jerusalem.

The positions are by the Constitution and by the Charter long life and to this there is no subject of abrogation or future change, because the appointment of Solomon, the son of David, on the one hand was not possible to be put to an election request, a King of Kings, which even on matter of honor is unthinkable to be put, on the other hand it is been attributed by the Great Patron himself, and won’t be possible to be lifted. Furthermore by the order and the absolute compliance of the Royal appointment of the A’ Gand Master, as through the institutional and not only, role and burden, that only he bears, from the moment of the undertaking of this hudge responsibility and beyond, appointed the positions of the B’ Grand Master and Grand Chancellor by the same meaning and symbolism and they are not being put on them respectively absolutely no issue of abrogation.

The importance of the name of the 10th degree (Prince) has no relation with the literally sense of the word, but it is given as an indication for distinction and excellence for the work of every member. Every brother, who is being distinguish for his work and in the total of his efforts for a better society and spiritual advancement, as in personal and/or as in group, enjoys the honorable distinction excellence through the appoint of the princes term.

The grades of ◬ Brotherhood ◬

1. Novice
2. Minerval
3. Illuminatus Minor
4. Illuminatus Apprentice
5. Illuminatus Fellow Craft
6. Illuminatus Master
7. Illuminatus Major
8. Illuminatus Dirigens
9. Illuminatus Priest
10. Illuminatus Prince
11. Magus Philosophus
12. Illuminatus Rex
13. (Honorable degree)