The Purpose of the Order

The purpose of the protherhood is to assist the Human Race (without discrimination of sex, nationality, religion, sexual orientation etc) in becoming a happy family, maintaining or even gaining the irremovable rights of self-definination and self-determination, of parity, of equality but also to struggle in favor of the Democratic and Secularise reformations, which liberate a person.

The G.A.G.B.L. do not act competitively towards other Great Lodges or Brotherhoods. Our Rites and our Constitutions do not simulate with those of other forces and their members are not forbidden to belong at the same time to other brotherhood as well. The speeches and the assignments of the Brothers don’t follow the usual path, which we know from other systems, but consist of studies of any subject they believe that must be propounded, as long as are well set and not offend or insult in anyway other Brothers.

Therefore, for us there are no forbidden subjects of discussion, but are judged and deconstructed in every detail without fanaticism and barren, or old perceptions.

The works are consisted of methodical research and study of philosophy, religion, science and politics and aim to improve a person’s and of the society based on the fundamental values of the Illuminated Guild.

Emphasis is placed in the development of ethical intelligence (included the in consciousness) and its application as a tool of development of the personality. Illumination is a traditional initiatory system based on the principal of the brotherhood and the urban institutional system

According to the Order, the authentic Illumination consists of a practical form of philosophy, which, under several symbolic systems that cultivate the spiritual unification of its members, builds the spiritual building of the Knowledge, based on plans carved from the Divine, the Nature and the Human Consciousness. Illumination and Philosophy without being the one and the same, tend towards the same ultimate purpose, which is the creation and the embodiment of the spiritual completion and autonomy of the individual, for the glory of humanity but also for the Human Rights. In according to this, constitutes a philosophic chamber, which also contributes further more to the quest of the methods of maturation and extension of the consciousness, perfecting the original building of other symbolic and philosophic orders and guilds. It is also an alliance of the righteous, honest, free and mature men, of good reputation originating from all descents, nationalities, languages and social orders, having deep awareness of the historic course and the essences of the urban civilization.

Ilumination (especially the years of Adam Weishaupt) had connected its name with revolutions, violent overturn of the ruled class, political overturns etc. The meaning “Urban Institutional system” is meant to clearly give the imprint of the normal transaction (and in the boundaries of a well ruled society) from the traditionalism and the old structures of the despotism, into a rationalistic theory of the society and of its institution (always with the man in the center).

It is important to clear that the term Illumination should not be confused with illuminismus. Illuminismus is a path or better a procedure from which the Being tries to connect with the Ancient Wisdom and through it to become Enlighten, to evolve, to come closer to the Divine. Illumination, always with landmark the Proper Word, has no connection with the esoteric traditions and is based on the theory from the start that the Human Being is able to find its own way with no paternalism and dependents from supreme powers.

“The begin of Wisdom, The Knowledge of ignorance” – Kleoboulos the Rodius

Thirteen Points for the Evolution of Humanity

• Common currency, which would have been created with the purpose of the prosperity of the individual and would not be the mean of coercion
• Universal language. The purpose is the Greek language to become as official language of the peoples as possible, without to be forbidden the use of the other local languages. This has nothing to do with the nationalistic pursuits, but derives from the tendency of the order to the Ancient Greek Philosophy, hence the fact that the 2nd degree is dedicated there
• Protection and Public Safety of all Citizens
• Total access to the educational system and equal chances for all. The education as a mean of suppression and prevention of the despotism and of dogmatism
• Decentralization of Wealth and World Income
• Absolute Equality of All
• International justice. Total suppression of crime, corruption and tyranny
• Total access to all to the infrastructure of health and total medical care to all
• Population’s administrative decentralization and of Family Planning
• End to the taxiation system, which constitutes the means of suppression, the fines and the Administrative Authorities
• Limitless freedom to the Knowledge and expression and total Political Rights to all
• Moralisation to the action: End to Starvation, poverty, beggary, prostitution and child work
• Ereation of a force combined of Police and Military with the only goal the safety of the people. Their control will be done by committees, which will not be controlled by political leadership